The Circle History in Photos

This is a permanent page on which I will be gradually adding photos of circle people and activities in past years.

If you have any suitable old photos then please let me know, or bring them to a circle meeting or other activity. I can usually scan the photos there and then, so you don't have to leave them with me.

Particularly helpful are written notes of who the people are in the photos so they are clearly identifiable.

Circle Trip to Pas de Calais 1994

Doreen Newell and Maureen Giandoni

Bill and Connie Beckett

Peter Newell with Maureen and Alec Giandoni, Cap Gris Nez

Alec and Maureen Giandoni with Peter Newell

 (Photos courtesy of Peter Newell)

  Barbecue at Locksley Smaller's 1980s

Tim Foley, John Folland, Tony Doyle (with Frank Rowson in the background)

Dennis Law and Mike Georgeson

John Byrne, Pat McDermott, Kevin Swann

Cricket Festival 1979

John and Doreen Folland

Alex Foley

Margaret Georgeson, Heather Byrne, Dennis Law

Peter Frisby, Tim Foley, Ben Foley, Peter Newell (back view)

Peter Frisby, Tim Foley, Mike Georgeson, Tony Doyle


Cricket Festival 1978

Peter Frisby, Mike Lydon, Alec Giandoni


Peter Frisby, Connie Beckett, Bill Beckett, Yvonne Frisby - taken sometime in the 70s. Photo courtesy of Bill Beckett.

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